A secure future-oriented family Companies.

PM-International AG receives top rating from one of the world's leading business information service Dun & Bradstreet Equity ratio: 69.7% of total assets 14% of normal trading company stock companies 30%

An innovative company.

Unique, non-comparable products. Own patents.

     Business of the Future!

Performance that is rewarded.
With up to 6 simultaneous incomes.

The basic principle of the earning system of PM-International is both fair and simple. Everyone is able to reach the goals he has set for himself - independently of the usual circumstances, such as education, professional career and social status. This makes PM-International an ideal opportunity for people who want to get ahead and simply expect more from life.

Finally, success is dependent on you, on your claim, your readiness to perform and your talent. PM-International creates optimum requirements for your success through excellent products and excellent support for its Distributors. This system offers immediate rewards for extra efforts. The more successful a person is, the more attractive his income will be. The idea is that a distribution partner of PM-International can decide for himself to what extent he wants to apply himself to our direct sales system. Some are satisfied with a lucrative second income while others earn a monthly check higher than the yearly income of most people.

The key is a compensation system with a direct relation between performance and income. It consists of up to six sources of income, reaching from a high profit margin for each product sold to a number of additional commissions which depend on the overall sales volume achieved in one month.

Fascinating automobiles

Especially attractive conditions.
Individual mobility represents the freedom and independence that all of us are looking for. But automobiles are different and the type of car is a visible expression of an individual's status and lifestyle. PM-International is aware of this elementary social need and ensures that successful distribution partners have the chance to make even dreams come true and own the automobile they always wanted to drive.

Someone who works especially hard for PM-International should also drive a car that matches his needs. That is why we take over payment of the leasing rates, month by month, for consciencious parttime distribution partners. But that's not where it ends. The amont paid depends on the Marketing Plan position that has been reached and even makes it possible to drive the dream car which always seemed out of reach.

Pension plan
A building block for retirement.

An important building block on the way to a secure existence and a life without financial worry is the retirement measure by PM-International, the pension plan.

Our distribution partners have the chance to benefit from an exclusive pension plan at extremely reduced cost. For this reason, PM-International cooperates with Allianz as the biggest and most dependable insurance company worldwide and co-pays 50% of the deposits into the retirement plan

Leadership Training and President's Team Congress.

Success in direct sales does not come by chance and those showing extraordinary success deserve to be supported in a special way. That is why PM-International provides its distribution partners with repeated trainings and sales academies. They serve to transfer know-how and experiences, motivate to further success and support the development of the skills in direct sales.

The very best among the distribution partners of PM-International meet founder and CEO of the company, Rolf Sorg, personally at a special Leadership Training which takes place twice a year. Here, the elite in direct sales are among themselves and come together to share experiences and motivation on the highest level.

This Leadership Training is available to all distribution partners who have already reached an elevated level within the sales organization of PM-International. They are also invited to a President's Team Congress that takes place once a year.

Annual highlights

In the most beautiful places in the world..
The success of any company rests on the efforts of its employees and partners. For PM-International, its base of direct sales partners is the focus. They are the source of our success and their efforts will determine our future growth. Even
parttime distribution partners can qualify by their commitment for a free trip with PM, for example for an unforgettable dream vacation, bringing the best of our business partners together to celebrate their success and enjoy their accomplishments. Everyone who has shown superior performance and reached extraordinary results, will be invited to this week of vacation with sailing trips, special events and a great time on the very best beaches under the clear blue sky.

A special award is granted to distribution partners from the position of President's Team up: Rolf Sorg and his wife invite them personally to spend some time in the exclusive beach resort of Saint Tropez