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Fit4RLife is an independent distributor for PM-International FitLine Company AG.

PM-International FitLine Company Review:

Based in over 20 countries today, PM International Fitline Company is beginning to make its impact in America.  The German based company is a health and wellness business that has dominated the German nutritional supplement market for some time while standing as the top company in the country.
Although they are based in Europe, the company has goals and desires of spreading all over the world.  They currently offer a wide array of products addressing all sorts of nutritional supplements for everyone in the family.  In addition to establishing themselves in the United States, they are also working towards developing their PM e-commerce opportunity for partners within their own turnkey internet businesses.
While there is a vast amount of products for consumers to choose from, it is their patented Fitline Premium Health Solution that has really created attention to the company.  The company claims this product is the perfect anti-aging program they have built around using Fitline nutritional products.
The founder of the company, Rolph Zorg, had intentions of creating a family owned company that would have a drastic impact on the world.  He understands the struggles families go through financially and has hopes of providing some financial freedom to others.  This is precisely why their products are based on quality and not price.
To ensure their products are of utmost quality, Zorg assembled a top scientific team to create products that would make a difference.  As a result, the PM International Fitline Company has been working on bringing nutrients to the cellular level where they can be most effective.
The company claims all of their Fitline products have different nutrient transport features that you would find in other products on the market.  Because of this, they state there are no better products out there that come even close to comparing to the Fitline product line.
In addition to the extensive nutritional supplemental products offered, PM International Fitline Company also has other product lines that you can take advantage of.  They also offer a complete line of skin care products and cosmetics, drinking bottles, fleece pullovers, T-shirts and windbreakers.
The whole goal of the PM International Fitline Company is to help people grow and live a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.  There is no question this is an industry that is filled with a plethora of different products for consumers to choose from.  The only way to determine if it is the right product for you is to give it a try.  But PM International claims you will find no better products on the market today

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